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Services & Price List

  • Public Holiday surcharge per visit/walk $15.00.
  • No refunds for early returns, and if a booking is cancelled a $30 fee applies.
  • All rates include GST. We will happily provide a written quote.
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Daily Pet Care Visits

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1 or more visits per day

Instruction Visit 20 Minutes $15
Deluxe Visit 1 Hour $65
Extended Visit 45 Minutes $50
Regular Visit 30 Minutes $36
Dinner Visit (2nd of the day) 20 Minutes $25
Extra Time 15 Minutes $15
  • 2nd Pet, Birds and Fish are FREE if we are caring for other pets!
  • Extra Pets: Please contact us for a custom quote
  • 5% DISCOUNT from the 14th day onwards for all of our Pet Sitting and House Sitting visits
  • Meet your carer for an instruction visit before you travel
 “Sharon has provided pet care services for our pets over the past ten years.

Sharon and her colleagues are professional, trustworthy and generous with their time and more importantly, compassionate and loving to our fur babies.

PetCarers always keep us updated via text, photo or short video during their visits. We would highly recommend PetCarers Bendigo to anyone." Steve & Jenny Annett


Poop Scoop Yard

Have you wondered if your dog has their friends over while you are out, ’cause you don’t know where all that poop came from? Is your yard getting a little full of “landmines”? We will scoop, bag & bin the mess.

30 Minutes
45 Minutes $35
1 Hour $40
  • This service can also include kitty litter tray clean up


Do I have to do this myself?

Kitty Litter Trays - Clean Up

Are you busy, or have difficulty bending to clean up your dear cats litter trays? Petcarers can do this task for you and make sure a lovely clean tray is ready for your cat, so they don’t decide to “go elsewhere”.

1-2 Trays $15
3-5 Trays $25
  • This service can be combined with a Poop Scoop of your yard
  • We will empty, clean and refill using your spare litter, while sweeping around the trays - leaving you with clean trays and happy kitties!


Do you have to watch me go? 

House Sitting Stays

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House Sitting Stays are overnight stays from early evening  to breakfast time. The best part of this service (according to your pets) is the cuddles and loves on the couch at night, the extra attention, and yes even the sleeping on the bed if this is what they are used to.

 House Sitting and pet care service
Per Night $110
  • 5% DISCOUNT from the 14th day onwards for all of our Pet Sitting and House Sitting visits
  • Additional fees may apply for grocery pickup, extra carer orientation visit, after hours bookings, and travel surcharges for outside of our regular service areas.
  • Meet your carer for an Instruction Visit before you travel

Pet Taxi

The Pet Taxi is available for emergency and pre-planned trips, to transport owner and pet to local or Melbourne specialist vets, groomers, airport and more. Our vehicles are heated & air conditioned, carers will assist you with putting your pet in the car, especially in the case of injury or illness.

30 Minute Trip (Includes call out fee) $35
Per Additional 15 Minutes $11
  • For longer journeys, please contact us for a custom quote.

From Carol.V. Bendigo mum to beautiful Boxer Nelson

Were you satisfied with your last experience with our company, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with it, or dissatisfied with it? Why? 

Extremely satisfied. The ladies were friendly easy to deal with & my fur baby loved seeing them

How likely are you to use our service again in the future?  Extremely likely

How likely are you to recommend our service to others? Extremely likely

Please rate our service from 1 to 10. (10 being you absolutely loved it). 10

Nelson on his way to the school bus drop off for Righteous Pups, via Petcarers Pet Taxi service.

Wedding - Canine Attendants

Would you like your dog to attend your wedding? You can book Petcarers to collect your dog from your home, take them for a walk to use up some energy, then we can bring your dog to your wedding. After all, they are family.

Meet your carer before your wedding, allowing time for your dog/s to bond with them. Discuss how to keep your dog/s calm during the ceremony and photos, including what you use for treat or toy rewards. Some dogs may not cope with a large crowd and a pheromone collar may be a good option. We can discuss ways to keep your dog/s as happy and relaxed as possible. We will keep them on lead and amused while you focus on your special day.
Once the photos are complete we can take your dog to your home, give him/her dinner,
fresh water and cuddles and settle them in for the night.

Alternatively if you book well ahead, you can book your dog/s in to stay with Sharon either overnight, or for the duration of your honeymoon. Please see our Home Boarding service for more information.

Golden Retriever Canine Wedding Attendant  Cosmo & Shady,  Canine Wedding Attendants  Canine wedding attendant

Price Indication (including travel time) $60- per hour
Per Additional 15 Minutes $15-
  • Price indicative of weddings within 15 minutes of the Bendigo CBD
  • For more details, please contact us for a custom quote.

Home Boarding

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(We are looking for more people to join our Home Boarding team in Bendigo. Please contact us to submit an expression of interest.)

Overnight (Up to 24 hours) 1 Dog $50


2 Dogs $70
Hutch Animals Per Hutch $20
Home Boarding with Sharon at Petcarers.
Marg- mum to gorgeous black lab Molly said in our survey:
“Were you satisfied with your last experience with our company?”
Extremely satisfied. Super care and interest, better than at home!! Molly loved her holiday.”
A loving home environment, with so much personal attention for a maximum of three dogs. Sleep inside, a walk each day, cuddles on the couch at night.  Dogs can be from the same family, or have happily stayed together before without incident.