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Dog Walking

Off Lead Dog Park Excursions

With three fenced off lead parks in Bendigo, your dog has plenty of opportunity for socialising with other dogs and having a great run.

Off Lead Dog Parks

Strathdale – Harcourt Park on Crook St. (this park has dams and your dog may get wet- if you leave a towel our for us we will dry them off when we return).

Kangaroo Flat – Allingham St near the railway station.

Eaglehawk – Truscott Reserve, Murdock St.

Where possible we encourage you to take your dog to the off lead park before booking with us, to ensure that your dog is comfortable around other off lead dogs. If you have any concerns that they are dominant, frightened or uncomfortable in any way, it is best to book on lead walks with Petcarers.

When booking please allow travel time for your dog/s to be picked up, time at the park and then returned to your home. Our carers cars are air conditioned and heated.  Your dogs will be secured to the seat belts in the rear of the vehicle & we will fill your dogs water bowl on our return. Imagine being at work or out and about and receiving our text photos showing your dog having a ball.

Our rates cover up to 2 large or 3 small dogs during the one walk.

e.g. 2 retrievers for 30 minutes is $25-. 3 fox terriers for 45 minutes is $35-. 2 Labradors for 1 hour is $40.

Making friends

Erin.P. from Golden Square, mum to dogs Sophie (Maltese Schutzu) & Maxie (Border Collie x)

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