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Home Boarding

One of our very popular pet care services is our Home Boarding. We are able to board Dogs (Maximum of three) & they must be current in their vaccinations to a C5 level, and current with their heartworm and flea treatments. Then they can have all of the benefits of a home environment. Lots of love and attention and company, a secure back yard to play in (yards are dig proof and jump proof as per local councils boarding requirements), daily walks, and a relaxing, loving environment.

We don’t usually mix dogs from different families, unless they have stayed together before without incident. So if you have just the one pooch, they will have the carer all to themselves.

Moe and Sharon

We also offer Home Boarding for hutch animals, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats & mice. The rabbits can get out and have a run in the yard each day, closely supervised.

The smaller hutch animals can have a run indoors. They will be secure and comfortable indoors, in temperature controlled environments. This service is especially popular in Summer and Winter, when the risk of perishing is at its highest for these little creatures.

Honey enjoying the comforts of home, on Sharon's sofa. Home Boarding with Petcarers

Charlie enjoying the comforts of Petcarers Home Boarding