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Winning Over Shy Pets

One of the most rewarding parts of our work is winning over shy pets. With skill, patience, and love, we help pets gain confidence and build wonderful bonds with them. Enjoy Meg’s story.

“Blooming Journey with Meg the Cavoodle”


This day is where Meg, her mama and I had met for the very first time. It was the beginning of our beautiful journey together.

Meg’s mum was a little worried for Meg as Meg had gotten so used to having her family home every day and now, they all have returned to school and work.

But that did not stop Meg from showing how excited she was on this day.

It was also exciting for me to have met Meg and her mama.

Shy Meg
Shy Meg


The day had finally arrived for me to care for such a beautiful young curly haired girl Meg. This is the day where we get to play and bond together with her family being back at work and school.

As I had pulled into the driveway I could hear Meg barking from the back yard, (what a set of pipes she has haha).

But as I entered the house to get to the back yard to where she was. Meg was very different with me this time round. This is our 2nd time of seeing each other.

Meg was very wary with me not like our first time meeting where she had come up to me with licks and wagging tail.

This day was very different in a way where she showed that she is anxious and did not like any form of touching or when I walked around. Meg is a shy, anxious pup without her family around. With Meg I chose to take my time with her to gain her trust and to prove to her that I am no threat and here to be her friend.

So I thought ok I will sit on the step and just chat to her in a calm and soothing voice. Doing this was to show her I am no threat at all and I will do this for however long she wants me to do this for until she is comfortable with me being around her.

Meg and her kong treat


This morning Meg was still shy and wary of me. This is our 3rd time of seeing each other. She let know what she thought of me in her wee doggo way which was fine with me it is better to let it out instead of bottling it up. I had a secret weapon on me her yummy treats. After she noticed that I’m not going to invade her space she calmed down but didn’t want her treats. Baby steps is all we need to do at this stage.

Meg sniffing her pet carer, making contact


Woohoo visit number 4. We are making some progress. Today Meg had her brother over for a play date. His name is Harry and Harry had helped Meg to see I am not a threat by coming up for pats, cuddles, playing with the treat toy and giving me licks. Harry accepted the treat I put down in front of me and he ate it all up. It was Megs turn now she slowly came in for a sniff and then went away and not long after she came right back and ate her treat. YAY this was a win for her and I. We are making progress.

Confident Meg, enjoying her walk

Thankyou Meg you can trust me. It is ok


Visit number 5. OMG Meg and I reached a whole new level where Meg didn’t bark at me as she has done at my past visits as I entered the back yard. She did make her wee puppy sounds as they do when they are a little worried, so I stayed calm and spoke to her with a little voice to reassure her. I also found out that she loves the word WALK. Meg showed a lot of interest in the word WALK.


Visit number 6. This was a very big day for extreme over the moon feelings as Meg had started to come out of her shell and came to say hi to me even with a wee pat. She did not bark at me or even at cars going past the house. Meg has allowed her wall to come down for a short time but this is huge for her. She is showing she is slowly trusting me YAY. I also had the lead out for her to go for a walk but that is as far as we went with just a look at it, that’s it.



AHHHHHH this day was visit number 7 and a HUGE day for both Meg and I. Meg did not bark at me. I talked to her in a calm voice asking how she is and what she has been doing and asking if she has been a good girl. I place my dog lead down along beside me with my pooch pouch. Meg had come straight in for a sniff of these things she could see and so curious and then went off to her shady patch as on this day the sun was shining brightly. Not long after her shade time she came up to me, sniffed my hand and gave it a lick and had some pats. While all this is happening she has allowed me to put the lead on her. Today was the day that we are going for our very first walk and the first time she had full trust in me. All of her efforts and mine was proving it was well needed for us to reach this far, and build trust. Such excitement I had in my heart for her I was so close to crying happy tears of course.


Ohhh Meg was shy and anxious on my arrival on this day but it only took her roughly 5 minutes before Meg and I were on the same page where she remembered who I was and knew that she can trust. Sooooooo I put the lead on Meg and she was so ready for her walk around the block. Meg did so amazingly well, she is a happy young girl and the more Meg and I bond the more she lets me in her space. It won’t be long she will no longer have a wall up and be truly and fully happy and trusting of me.

Overall the journey I had with Meg was absolutely beautiful. I got to watch this wee Cavoodle bloom into a pup that started off being super happy to meet me with the presence of her mum or brother, to being very shy and anxious when they weren’t with us.

I witnessed her grow over the time we spent together. Meg and I shared a lot of stories, well I should say I talked to her like as I would with anyone else. It showed that she was listening to me and gave her the space and time she needed to trust me and to know that I was not a threat to her.

Such an experience I had with Meg she is pure at heart and when you are pure at the heart you don’t want that to change and I think that is how I thought Meg was feeling.

I was a stranger to her and naturally to everyone a stranger can mean danger.

Meg was only looking after herself and her family home.

Meg is now a pup who knows she can trust me. She knows that she is safe with me. She knows no harm will come to her and her family.

I am extremely thankful to Megs mum for letting me spend time with Meg and to bond with her. THANKYOU SO MUCH.


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