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Why Pets are so Important to your Health

Pets are one of the best things in the world; they offer you love, friendship and happiness, all in the wag of a tail. Having a pet can be so wonderful, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why. Here are some reasons why having a pet is so important, and how to cherish them.

Kid Health

Did you know that kids who grow up with pets may be healthier than those who don’t? Kids can benefit with animals around the house, boosting their growing immune system, and preventing them from having respiratory tract infections by 31%, as well as preventing ear infections by up to 44%. So keep your fur babies around your real babies; they may become healthier and stronger every day!

Self Esteem Booster

Speaking of kids, did you know that having a pet around the house can help boost a kid’s self esteem? Studies have shown that children who grow up with an animal in the house have a higher self esteem than those who don’t. With improved social skills and an active lifestyle, their self esteem is boosted and can make them more approachable in social situations.

This doesn’t just count for kids, adult’s self esteem can benefit from having a furry friend around the house too. As pets are a great conversation starter, your little pal may give you extra confidence and make you feel more approachable, which, in turn, will boost your self esteem.

They’re An Antidepressant

Pets have been proven to help fight and prevent depression, as they boost your mood and keep you smiling. A calm and neutral friend is essential for any healthy person, and a pet is just that. Since they can’t talk, they can listen, and if you find a way to get all of your anger, distress or feelings out to someone who won’t argue back to you, but accepts you for who you are and loves you, you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders. If you’ve had a terrible day at work, and you need someone to cuddle, grab your pet. They‘re always there for you, and they’ll always love you, so give them a kiss and a hug. They deserve it. Sit down with your pet once in a while, even if you’re sitting by their bed and giving them a back scratch, just chill and tell them about your day. They’re not going to judge you, just love you. How amazing is that?

Since pets would do anything for you, return the favor. You should offer them love and comfort, and make sure they know that they’re loved. While you shouldn’t spoil them, you should shower them with warmth, comfort and trust. Keep them comfy with a nice, soft bed and keep them occupied with a toy or two. If they’re an outside dog, keep them safe from the elements with a nice kennel. You have a nice place to sleep, so should they!

Keep your fur baby healthy by taking them to the vet once in a while for a check up. Since they have no way to communicate to you if they’re in pain, so keep an eye on them and make sure you have tabs on their eating habits and routine.

Your pet can help you in more ways than you may realize, so when you go home, give your fur baby a cuddle; they deserve it.

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