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Tips For Pet-Sitting: Caring for Friends or Family’s Pets

We all like to help our friends and family where we can. Caring for their pets when they are on holidays or have a family emergency or a hospital stay is one way we can do that.

If you haven’t seen their pet for a while a visit to meet them first is a great idea. You can also see where their food, water bowls, litter trays, bins etc. are kept and collect a spare key.

When it comes to caring for their pets, it’s essential to ensure you get all of the important information before your care starts. Good questions to ask include:

  • What do they eat? How often do they eat?
  • What medical conditions do they have and if any medications are required. The correct dose and the easiest method for giving the medication. For example a tablet in a piece of cheese for a dog is easier than holding it and trying to put the tablet in their mouth.
  • Would they like their dog walked? If yes, how well behaved are they on a lead? Do they like meeting other dogs, or should other dogs be avoided? If you are unable to walk their dog/s do they like to ball play or tug-o-war, or a cuddle?
  • Does their cat or hutch animals like cuddles or pats only?
  • Are they shy and hide; if so, where are their favourite hiding places so you know where to find them and make sure they are ok.
  • Where is the cat carrier kept in case they need to go to the vet?
  • What is their vet’s name, address and phone number? Will you need to pay the vet bill or have the pet owners made arrangements with their vet?
  • If they have multiple pets, do they need to be fed separately, to ensure they each receive the right amount of food? Do they fight over food?
  • Is someone else doing some of the care? It’s a good idea to have their name and phone number and vice versa in case you need to reach each other.
  • Will the pet owners be contactable while they are away? Or should you be prepared to make all decisions necessary for their pets and home?

Caring for someone else’s pets can be a joy and an important responsibility. Having the right information can make all the difference so you having a wonderful time caring for their pets, and for your loved ones coming home to relaxed and happy pets.

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Author Bio

Sharon Moore is the owner of Petcarers Victoria and has over 10 years experience caring for and loving all kinds of pets.



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