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Pet Care Advice for the Hot Weather


  • Put them inside where possible to stay cool in the air conditioning.
    If they live outside, move their hutch to a shady area that will have shade all day.
  • Have multiple clean water sources, they will drink a lot more in the heat.
  • Freeze drink bottles of water overnight & place them in their hutch throughout the day to lie against & stay cool.
  • Wet a towel & hang it over the hutch so it creates a cool breeze in the wind. Wet the towel down regularly.


  • Walk your canine buddy in the cool of the day to avoid both of you getting
    heat exhaustion.
  • Test the back of your hand on the road surface. If it’s too hot for you to
    hold it there for 5 seconds, it’s going to be too hot for your dogs paws.
  • Do you leave for work too early & it’s too hot to walk your dog when you return? We can walk your dog/s in the cool of the day, get rid of some of that energy, help reduce destructive behaviors, and have a calmer happier dog for you to come home to.

    We ensure their water is topped up before we leave. Book in your dog walks with Petcarers. Ph 1300 427 382 or book online. 

  • Put out their shell pools and multiple sources of clean drinking water.
    If their shell pool is brittle after a few years in the sun, drop into your
    local hardware store and purchase a new one, approximately $20-. Great value.
    If your dog needs gentle encouragement to use their pool, put a tennis ball
    or rubber toy in the pool. Our tip- always use gentle methods
    to encourage your dog to paddle. Forcing them in may result in water aversion for life.
  • If your dog really doesn’t like the water, turn their shell pool into a sandpit. Put it in the shade, with nice deep sand in it, and wet it down with water. Your dog will dig down to the cool sand to reduce their body temperature.

  • Do you have shady trees for them to rest under? If not, some shade cloth
    strung up between posts or fence lines will provide some relief for them.
    Maybe plant some trees for the coming summers.
  • Freeze water in large ice cream containers & put these in their water bowls throughout the day. It will encourage them to drink more.
  • Frozen ice treats with fish or meat flavours, suitable vegie pieces.
    Make up a batch and freeze in smaller containers, a lovely refreshing
    treat during those hot days.  For recipes:


  • If you can, keep your cats indoors in the cool of your home.
    Keep your blinds down. If your house heats up, set the air conditioner on
    a timer to reduce the temperature during the worst of the heat.
  • Inside or outside- have multiple clean water sources. If you have
    a filtered water source, check the filter to see if it needs changing.
  • Open a cool cupboard for them to snooze in.

  • Turn off the tv as it is a source of heat.

When you are purchasing a service from a pet care business owner is providing - you aren't just purchasing an hour or more of their time. 

You're purchasing: 

  • Years of life experience they've had in the practical application of their skills and knowledge. 
  • The thousands of dollars they've invested in books they have read, seminars and webinars they have participated in.
  • The many experts they have referred to and learnt from, including vets, behaviorists, dog trainers, bowen therapy specialists, nutritionists.
  • The bonds they have formed with your pets, the knowledge of what is and isn’t their normal behavior, so they know when something is wrong.
  • The mistakes they’ve made to help you not have to make the same mistakes.
  • The work and time they put into the marketing, advertising, videos, expos, courses to educate their audience/tribe.
  • The heart and soul they have put into loving your pets, and the grief they also feel when they pass over the rainbow bridge, while their heart hurts for you, because they know what you are going through.
  • Consider carefully before you tell a business owner that their service or product isn’t worth the price you’re paying. You don’t know the price they’ve paid to offer it to you.

Sharon Moore 

Sharon & Oscar from Oscars Law





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